Warriorb Dev Post 1 – Brief History

In this very first entry of the upcoming blog series about Warriorb development I thought I would write a few lines about who we are and how the project was developed so far. You can find me under the nick name Csaba in our official discord channel.

Disclaimer: the post contains outdated images and gameplay footage which does not represent the current state of the project.

Let’s start with a quick list of the current team members and their main areas:

  • Anna: 2D art, environment design
  • Csaba: programming, game and level design
  • Dany: programming, editor extensions/tools, websites
  • Gézu: 3D art, game, environment and level design

Gézu came up with the core idea of the game back in December 2015 and the two of us started to work on it during the holidays. I had my final exam in the first week of January, but once done with that I could work on the game full time for a whole month. The project was planned to be a 6 month long project, but the scope kept increasing – here we are two years later, still not yet ready.

I started the game code with the movement system: the character had to walk on the spline defined paths and had to be able to jump, roll and bounce. Gézu made his first few assets in Blender and we put that all together:

Early image

From February 2016 I got a job, moved abroad and started to work as an engine/tool programmer, but I also still kept working on Warriorb in my free time. Gézu had other things going on as well, but still managed to work continuously on the art. Dany joined us in October (2016) and started to create a dialogue editor plugin for our runtime system.

Another early image

We have an amazing video made back in Summer 2016. The concept changed quite a bit – the video features the previous version of the character and also contains some idea prototypes we decided to drop.

I hope I am not the only one who finds the current version better :).

From 2017 Gézu works on the project full time. He learned his craft during development, which lead to the fact that most of the assets from the previous year (2016) were removed or upgraded. The story was reconstructed multiple times and the character also had some improvements:

Character upgrade

I wanted to join him in the summer (2017) but I only managed to get back working full time on Warriorb this January.
Anna joined us last September – she started to work on concept arts for buildings, objects and creatures.

Concept art

Now we are working full time on the game with (hopefully) enough savings to finish it.

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