Press Kit

Not Yet is a small international indie game developer located in Eastern Europe. Our mission is to make high quality video games across different genres and settings. Warriorb, our first game was started as a hobby project but it turned out to be great enough to become much more. If you need any additional info or you would like assets provided in other formats do not hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to help.


  • Developer: Not Yet
  • Release Date: Not Yet
  • Website:
  • Availability: Windows, Linux (maybe other platforms in the future)
  • Press contact: press [at]
  • Social: Twitter | Discord (easiest way to chat with us)


Currently under developement, Warriorb is the first game by Not Yet. In Warriorb you play as a Spirit of the Unknown. You are forced into a pathetic body and blamed for the failure of the summoning spell which was supposed to bring the Wizard’s daughter back to life. You have no other chance but to cooperate – If you find a way to resurrect the girl the Wizard will set you free. Throughout your journey you will explore a decaying realm with twisted creatures where no human has ever been.

Key Features

  • Spline based side-scroller in a full 3D environment
  • Deadly traps to challenge your skills and reflexes
  • Puzzles to give you some time to think between traps
  • Friendly fellows to have a chat with on how the World will end
  • Not so friendly fellows to have some more serious conversation with on how the World will end
  • Traders, collectible items, weapons, clothes
  • A fabulous story about a Wizard trying to get his daughter back, a World falling apart, and a spirit trapped inside a ball-body


Download all screenshots [here] (6.8 MB)


Logo & Icon​

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